6" Rocket Heater Barrel Build Kit

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$250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is an add-on to the 6" Dragon Burner shippable core!

This kit includes -

  • Painted (black) Steel top plate one end cut to match steel drum
  • Divider plate (used to separate exhaust gasses from the intake of combustion air) 
  • Circular gasket to go between the steel drum and the top plate
  • Stainless Steel Draw Latches attached to base to keep the barrel from being knocked over
  • Instructional video on how to build the tiled wood-burning heater
  • Written plans for the 6" tiled heater

It does not include a necessary 6" Dragon Burner: feed tube, heat riser, and burn tunnel with gaskets.

In order to complete this build, you will need a 55 gal. steel drum and 4" thick concrete blocks. Also, you will need either some fire clay bricks or the optional (round) Barrel Supports.


A 26" circular Barrel Cap to fit over the top of the steel drum. This item is circular and 26" across. It is cast from conductive refractory which will store the heat from the exhaust. It is 1½" thick and weighs 72 pounds.

Half-round Barrel Supports to form the round end of the wall made from 4" thick concrete blocks. These pieces have a generous 6" hole for connecting 6" stove pipe on its way up through your roof.


The Barrel Build kit is delivered on a pallet with your 6" Dragon Burner and other options via LTL freight. Estimated costs to your location can be furnished.
Variables include:
  • distance from Houston, TX
  • residential or commercial destination
  • large city or smaller town
  • whether or not a lift gate is required