6" Rocket Masonry Heater Castle Stair Build

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$200.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This 6″ Dragon heater is in a small 2 floor apartment, so space is at a premium. This build uses a tall single bell (8 ft)  lined with fire brick. Larger 20″ x 20″ flues were used to maximize heat capture and allow for the oven. There is no exhaust collar with this build because the heat riser and bell are made from the same size flue liner. The excess heat from the bell is radiated from the stove pipe as it exits through the ceiling. It takes a hour and half for the heat to start radiating, but it will then raise the room temperature of this 1,400 square ft apartment about 1 degree an hour.

The firebrick stores more heat and does it faster than clay flues. However, each brick must be cut and laid. So it takes more time and expense than the inner clay flue liner approach used with the other Castle Build. The larger flues used on this build are also necessary for sufficient clearance around the oven. 

For increased heat storage, this build can easily be enlarged with a taller single bell and/or a second bell.

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