8" Rocket Masonry Heater Derrick Build Kit

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$225.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This kit includes:

  • Steel Containment Box Kit with gaskets (metal box and top plate bolts together)
  • 1" High Temperature Blanket (for heat riser barrel)
  • Cast Refractory Exhaust Collar Assembly
  • Exhaust Collar Gaskets
  • 3 Barrel Gaskets for joining barrels

It does not include:

Barrel Caps are 3,000°F cast Refractory Caps that fit over the rim of the steel drums on top of each tower. They provide additional heat storage as well as provide a long lasting lid for the parts of the heater that are subject to thermal shock. If you do not use these caps, you can insulate the barrel lids with ceramic fiber blanket. However, the insulation may need to be replaced every season.

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