Installing J-Tube Rocket Heaters Safely

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 29th Jan 2014

Rocket heaters work efficiently, in large part, because they maintain very high temperatures 1,200°-2,000°F in two sequential combustion chambers. This helps insure that all the volatiles and most … read more

The Oven

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 19th Jan 2014

Here is the oven which is an option for any combustion system 6" or larger. In order to reach baking temperatures, it needs to sit near the heat riser. .The groves are for adjustable shelves. The … read more
Painting Flues

Painting Flues

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 9th Jan 2014

This is a 4″ Castle Build painted with High Temperature Paint. Using high temperature paint is an inexpensive way to finish off a castle build.Solid Moss Metallic GreenMoss Green Metalic with Mohave … read more

6″ Castle Stair Build

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 6th Jan 2014

Stair build with oven prior to “skinning”This 6″ Dragon heater is in a small 2 floor apartment, so space is at a premium. This build uses a tall single bell (8 ft) lined with fire brick. Larger 20″ x … read more

6″ Dragon Heater Bell Design – An Experiment

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 15th Nov 2013

The ConceptA sketchup drawing of what we were going for:It was going to be a bell version of a barrel build with the burn tunnel on top and the bell and exhaust below. Here is a partially transparent … read more