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6″ Dragon Burner Masonry Heater using chimney flues – Part 5

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Here is the masonry heater with stacked stone applied.

Dragon Heater Castle Build - Rocket Heater without a barrel

Dragon Heater Castle Build completed with stacked stone. (Click to enlarge)

The feed tube box is rose wood. The caps are cast refractory that have been painted with high temperature – Rich Metalic Brown. The steel top plate and ash clean out door were painted the same color.

Frankly the pictures don’t do it justice. We were very pleased with how it came out, but we had a hard time photographing it. Hopefully we will get better shots in the next few weeks.

We left the backside open so we could show visitors how it is built, so here is a shot of the back. Kits will be available soon!

Dragon Heater Castle Build showing how the stone and chimney flues relate

Dragon Heater Castle Build showing flues