Wood-burning Heater Types - Overview

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 25th Jul 2013

Wood burning stoves can be roughly divided into 3 categories based on how much of the heat from burning wood is stored vs. immediately released into the surroundings. The 3 types are;cast iron or … read more

Burning Wood – Thermal Mass Material Selection

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 23rd Jul 2013

If you don’t want you’re stove to go cold immediately after the fire is out, you need to store some of the heat from combustion. A wood-burning heater's ability to capture and store excess heat for gr … read more

Burning Wood – Insulation Material Choices

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 11th Jul 2013

High Temperature insulation is an important component of an efficient wood burning stove or heater. Using insulation that is not rated for the application will result in premature failure. Here we dis … read more

Tiled 4″ Dragon Heater Build

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 5th Jul 2013

We built this Dragon Heater (which uses a 30 gallon steel drum) in less than a day. The 6" version which is slightly larger and uses a 55 gallon steel drum would also be completed in about the same am … read more