Painting Flues

Posted by Sandy Mathieu on 9th Jan 2014

Painting Flues

This is a 4″ Castle Build painted with High Temperature Paint. Using high temperature paint is an inexpensive way to finish off a castle build.

Dragon Heater Castle Build Rocket Masonry Heater

Solid Moss Metallic Green

Mini Rocket Masonry Heater with High Temperature Painted Flues

Moss Green Metalic with Mohave Red Caps

We added some red caps to give it a little punch. The flues can be painted a large variety of colors to give your heater a modern, rustic, or industrial look.

If you plan on painting to finish off your flues, you may want to take a little extra care which direction your flues face. As you can see the top flue of heat riser column to the right shows the production imprints facing out. This would like nicer if these faced away.

Small masonry heater made with rocket heater core and chimney flues