Hex Rocket Heater Kit - 6"

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Product Overview

The Hex Stove is a complete Rocket Heater wood stove. It includes an ultra efficient (tested 85%-90%) cast refractory (rated for 3000F) combustion system  as well as a ready to assemble enclosure. The heater is shipped in standard boxes for easy transport.

The combustion system dramatically improves standard Rocket Heater efficiency by utilizing Peter van den Berg's enhancements found in our other products.  Everything you need to get started with your rocket heater is included except for the chimney system and a 55 gallon metal barrel. Using stainless steel or steel barrels and variety of paint colors can give your heater a distinctive look, limited only by your imagination. 

Pre-Order price is $995, after the initial run, the price will be raised to $1195. We need to sell 25 of these to make a production run, so reserve yours now and spread the word!

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Burn Tunnel 

  • Utilizes Peter Van den Berg's design parameters for secondary air, trip wires, and an internal vortex to produce significant increases in efficiency over standard square burn tunnels. These burn tunnels are tested to run between 85 and 90+ efficiency.
  • Cast refractory rated for 3,000°F to withstand rugged use
  • Removable Burn Tunnel Cap for easy clean-out
  • Burn tunnel is surrounded by refractory Ceramic Fiber Board for maximum burn efficiency
  • Components can be easily replaced should they wear out
  • Quickly assembles on-site

Feed Tube

  • Feed Tube provides an additional 7" of support above the 5 in burn tunnel, providing a full foot of vertical support for long pieces of wood.
  • Easily replaced if needed
  • Entire assembly lifts out to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Protects Burn Tunnel from aggressive wood jostling
  • Is cooled by secondary air vents to discourage any back drafting and combustion of the steel

Heat Riser

  • Made from refractory ceramic fiber insulation board

Hexagonal Steel Enclosure for Burn Tunnel and Exhaust

  • Fabricated and painted panels to house the Burn tunnel, Heat Riser, and Exhaust 
  • Easy bolt together design
  • Small footprint
  • Raised to provides air circulation under heater and avoid heat buildup in flooring
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Exhaust panel can be located on any side of the hexagon chamber for maximum flexibility
  • Exhaust can be hooked up to your chimney or to thermal mass first, such as a bench or 2nd barrel Hex Box filled with bricks
  • Panels are sealed to contain exhaust gases with high temperature silicone
  • Ideal for remote locations since components can be transported separately
  • Colors and Trim Optional

Barrel Attachment Components

  • Barrel clips which bolt the barrel onto the chamber are included to help avoid accidental tipping of the barrel
  • A barrel gasket is provided to seal between the barrel and the exhaust chamber