Masonry Oven

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$150.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

14" deep x 12" wide x 12" tall

This masonry oven makes a great addition to either the 6" or 8" castle build kits. These masonry ovens provide very even heating from all directions to provide an unparralled cooking experience. The mass provides for quick temperature recovery after opening the door. Desired temperatures are easily maintained by adjusting the amount of wood fed into the system. 

This is a white masonry oven, meaning no exhaust gases enter the cooking chamber. Instead the hotest exhaust gases from the heat riser are used to heat up the oven which then uses infra-red to heat the food in the oven.

As you can see the interior assembles in less than 90 seconds, yet ships flat. The joints are filled with fire clay mortar when it is installed. Here is a quick video of its assembly.


  • Adjustable shelf placement
  • Made from dense refractory to hold heat 
  • Will accommodate most common casserole dishes
  • Easy to build 
  • Max Temperature 570°F

It includes 

  • Glass door
  • Door mounting Frame with stainless steel tie downs
  • Refractory pieces that make the chamber
  • 1 baking shelf


  • 12V light kit
  • extra shelves