Portable Rocket Heater - 6"

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$250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

The one remaining unit has some cosmetic damage in the powder coating. When this unit is gone, we will not be making new ones.

Only silver vein is available.

The price includes:

  • a powder coated steel box
  • a matching powder coated steel top plate which has an exhaust manifold
  • 3 stainless steel draw latches to attach your steel drum so that it can't be tipped over
  • barrel gasket
It does not include;
  • a 6" shippable core (feed tube, burn tunnel, heat riser, and gaskets)
  • a 55 gal. steel drum
  • burn tunnel insulation (perlite or vermiculite)
  • chimney/stove pipe connections
  • an optional barrel cap

In order to complete the installation, you will need a 55 gallon steel drum, 4 cubic feet of perlite or vermiculite, and a stove pipe leading to a class A chimney through the roof of the building. If you want to run it outside, you will need a 90° elbow and 8' (or so) of stove pipe. Before operating indoors, the steel drum must be cleaned of ordinary paint. It will get too hot and produce noxious fumes. You can repaint it with the hi-temp (1,200°F) paint we offer. It takes 2 cans to paint a steel drum.


This unit is delivered on a pallet with your 6" Dragon Burner and other options via LTL freight. Estimated costs to your location can be furnished.
Variables include:
  • distance from Houston, TX
  • residential or commercial destination
  • large city or smaller town
  • whether or not a lift gate is required

Only one in Silver-vein left

  • 1 remaining in veined silver (left in the front row)

The powder coating has been affected by storage; the price is discounted to reflect this.

Rocket Heater Barrel Cap

Barrel Cap

The barrel cap shown here is painted metallic moss green. It is made from 3,000°F cast refractory with reinforcement inlaid. It provides a larger cooking surface, some mass to retain heat and extends barrel life by taking the thermal shock of the highest temperatures. The surface temperature will get to 450-550°F. generally.  

Insulation Liner

If you want to use this heater as a front combustion system for some form of thermal mass, you can purchase the liner kit. This is insulation liner that goes on the inside of the barrel and exhaust manifold. This will increase the exit temperature on the heater from 300-400F to 750F-850F.