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The Helix - Under development

We are finalist in the Alliance for Green Heat Wood Stove Design Challenge. We will be debuting our latest heater there. It is a massonry heater complete with built in oven.

  • 24"x36"x6ft high 
  • 100k BTU Firebox
  • Quick 2 day Build
  • Can be covered in stone of your choice
  • Optional Oven with Matching Door
  • Optional Wood Stack

Here a drawing of the stove we plan to bring to the challenge. 


Here is a picture of this type of stove running. By permission Michael Wijnja. Michael is providing the door designs for both the firebox and oven. 


Below is an early version of this stove installed in Holland. By permission Ouwehand & Molkenboer. It is a single bell.


The picture below is Peter van den Berg (the designer) and an early prototype of the stove.