Tiled Dragon Heater Plans

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Tiled Dragon Heater Plan 

These are the plans which come with the Rocket Heater Barrel Build. If you later buy a Barrel Build kit, the $50 for these plans is credited to your purchase.

The 4" and 6" heaters are built similarly; the dimensions and the steel drum required are different. Using the pre-cast barrel supports, these stoves can be built in a day, including tiling the outer surfaces. 

Standard CMU blocks (8" x 16" x 4" thick) available inexpensively from your home center are used for the sides and square end of this build.

This includes:

  • sketchup plans for the 4" tiled dragon heater
  • sketchup plans for the 6" tiled dragon heater
  • a step by step video of building the 4" (the 6" and 4" are the same process)
  • a PDF of instructions 

Sketchup, version 8 is a free program that can be downloaded here. With the sketchup plans you can:

  • measure any of the dimensions in the plans
  • use any texture pictures to custom design the look of your dragon heater
  • use the material layers to deconstruct exactly how the heater is put together
Dragon Heater plans show you how to quickly build a high quality reliable rocket heater using the Dragon Burner (pre-cast rocket heater cores). A steel drum is required. These plans do not use cob and are suitable to any decor.